Web Design

Is your website sending the right message to potential customers and existing clients about your business? Be honest.

Let’s face it – all of us judge businesses by the quality of their website. An out-of-date site that’s difficult to navigate, loads slowly, with dead links, outdated and/or limited information about your products/services, missing images, corny stock photos, forms that don’t work, non mobile-friendly, etc. – broadcasts to your website visitors “we don’t have our act together”.

On the other hand, a modern-looking, fast-loading website that’s easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, that contains detailed up-to-date information about your products and services, with quality photography sends the message “we take our business – and our customers seriously”. It can even help level the playing field. A small business with an awesome website will easily outshine a larger competitor with an out-of-date website any day of the week. To the online visitor, perception is reality.

Here are some examples of our work:

Which would you rather have:

A) A glorified online business card (in other words, a site that says pretty much “here’s what we do, when we do it, and where we do it, and how to get a hold of us”) *Yawn*

B) OR…would you rather have a site that SELLS potential clients as to why they should pick up the phone RIGHT NOW and call YOU…and not the other guy?

If you said “B”, you’ve found the right web design company! We create websites that help drive leads and sales for your business. Why would you want to build anything else?

What Good is a New Fancy Website If Your Potential Customers Can’t Find It?

There are lots of web design companies that can make great-looking websites. However, what a lot of business owners don’t understand is that in order for a website to be found by search engines, the code of the website needs to be properly optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). For instance, properly optimized META titles & descriptions, properly constructed URL’s, 301 redirects – these are all just an example of elements that MUST be addressed when a new website is constructed.

Unfortunately, more often than not, when we are hired to create a new website and/or SEO for a client, we discover that the previous web designer did virtually nothing to optimize the site for SEO. And the owner of business is left wondering why he can’t find his website in the first few pages of Google for his top keywords, even after the website has been online for several years. Countless thousands…even MILLIONS of dollars in sales may have been lost because qualified customers simply couldn’t find the website!

Get an Awesome, Modern Website For Your Business – That Google Can Easily Find

At Leverage Point Digital, our #1 goal is to help businesses grow by taking advantage of all that online marketing has to offer. And we believe it all starts with having an awesome, modern website that Google and other search engines will love.

A new website project is simply not complete until the on-site SEO is done…period!And it’s not just about search engines.

We’ll Make Sure Potential Customers Can View Your Site On Any Device

This is a REALLY. BIG. DEAL.

It’s critically important that your website looks great on all devices, not just desktop computers and laptops. Every website we build is 100% responsive – meaning it will look great on ALL devices with ALL screen sizes, including mobile phones and tablets.


Did you know over 50% of local-intent searches are done from mobile devices?

Let that sink in for a moment.

Over half of all local searches are done from mobile devices. In other words, people are driving around their local areas, searching for restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, dry cleaners…you name it. And they’re doing it over HALF the time on their smart phones. Not desktop computers. Not laptops.

Their phones.

So say you’re Google, and your #1 concern is the quality of your search results, what would YOU do to local businesses whose websites are NOT mobile-friendly?

You would drop their rankings like a rock.

Because if your Google, your job is to give your users the very best experience possible. So sending your customers to pull up a site that looks bad on a mobile phone, well…that’s just not gonna cut it.

Google Penalizes Websites That Aren’t Mobile Friendly

In April of 2015, Google sent out warnings to all webmasters that they were going to start de-ranking sites that weren’t mobile friendly.

So…if your site has been de-ranked because it’s not mobile-friendly, it’s time to fix the issue as soon as possible.