Facebook Ad Management

Get More Customers & Sales From the World’s Largest Social Media Platform

The Facebook advertising platform is the most advanced marketing platform developed in the history of mankind. That’s a mouthful, I know. But it’s true.

There has simply NEVER been an opportunity to reach so many people, with laser-like targeting capabilities as Facebook provides. Think about this:

• As of the writing of this post, Facebook has 1.23 BILLION active users.
• The average American is on Facebook 40+ minutes per day.
• 66% of Facebook users use it every single day.

I could go on and on with these amazing stats – no other website, no other social media platform can begin to compare.

Bottom line: your customers are on Facebook. Period.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business with a single location, a franchise with locations in multiple states, a worldwide brand…if you sell physical products, services, low-cost items, high-cost items, if you’re selling B2B, B2C, or B2G – it doesn’t matter…your customers…

And even better, you can target them by their exact interests. Facebook collects over 2000 data points on every user. It tracks absolutely everything you say on Facebook, everything you like, dislike, share, comment on…not only ON Facebook…but OFF Facebook. Yep, it’s kinda creepy but true.

Think about it – most users are logged into Facebook 24/7 on their desktop, mobile phone and their tablets. As a result, Facebook is tracking every website you visit. Heck, it even merges Acxiom purchasing data from your OFFLINE purchases into your Facebook profile. In other words, when you buy a new washer/dryer at Sears, Facebook knows it. And it makes that data available so marketers (like you and me) can place ads in front of you.

And you can take advantage of this incredibly powerful marketing mojo…

The Question Isn’t “Should” You Be Advertising on Facebook.
The Question is “HOW?”

Unlike search marketing, Facebook is “interruption” advertising. When someone goes to Google or Amazon and searches for “Dell 15” Laptop”, chances are pretty good they’re in the market for a new laptop. In other words, they have the intent to make a purchase.

Facebook users, on the other hand, don’t go to Facebook intending to shop. They go there to see what their friends and family are up to…to look at funny cat videos…to argue about politics…and to spy on their ex – not to buy stuff. And that’s where most Facebook advertisers screw up.

How NOT to Advertise On Facebook…

Remember – Facebook is a social network. It’s like a party or social gathering where you, your friends and their friends are all invited…where you hang out and make small talk. What you DON’T want to do is be “that guy” – you know, the guy you meet at the party and 5 minutes into the conversation he’s trying to sell you life insurance.

Don’t be that guy.

Here’s where most advertisers go wrong. They see Facebook just like any other ad platform where they blast their run-of-the-mill ads into the newsfeed – essentially being “that guy” at the party.

Sure, you can get some leads, and maybe a few sales, but nowhere near as much as you could if you did Facebook advertising the right way. So what’s the right way?

How To Advertise on Facebook The Right Way…
And Get More High-Quality Leads & Sales Than You Ever Thought Possible

Marketing Genius Frank Kern sums it up: “show people you can help them by actually helping them first”. In other words, give something valuable before you expect to get anything in return. Want to capture an email address? Earn the right to capture that email before you ask for it. Want to earn the right to get that appointment? Show them how to do something cool first.

Facebook advertising is where “content marketing” and “pay per click advertising” work hand-in-hand. In other words, create valuable content and PAY to put it in front of your ideal target audience.

Now – I know what you’re thinking: “But I need leads now. All this content creation stuff sounds like a lot of work. Can’t I just run some ads, get some quick leads so I can close some sales now?” Sure, you can…if you’re OK with spending a TON of money to get a small number of low quality leads. Sound like you? Knock yourself out.

However, if you would rather get a TON of high-quality leads for a lost cost, who are pre-disposed to doing business with YOU and ONLY YOU…

Cracking The Facebook Code:
It’s ALL About the Hook and the Offer

Effective Facebook advertising is ALL about finding the right HOOK that grabs the attention of your ideal target market, stops them dead in their tracks, and makes them take a serious look at your offer.

The offer doesn’t necessarily have to be to “hey, buy this!” It could be something as simple as getting them to read a blog post, or watch a video. It could be getting them to part with their email address so they can gain access to checklist or a blueprint. Or maybe you’re asking them to attend a webinar or a live event. Your offers are “giving” them something, all the time warming them up, and drawing them closer to the sale.

The hook is what makes your ad stand out in the newsfeed and makes them pay attention long enough to consider your offer. The hook must be compelling. This is where you need to understand marketing, advertising, sales psychology, and all that stuff.

Sound difficult? Well, yeah…it kinda is.

Now, you might be thinking at this point “I don’t have the time (or the skillset) to come up with a great hook & offer.

Well, you’re in luck. That’s OUR job. As professional Facebook Advertising Managers, it’s our job to find the best hooks & offers that will convert for your business.

But that’s not all we do. We also have to manage the Facebook Ad Platform. And that’s no small thing…

The Facebook Ad Platform Is Totally Confusing.

Remember about how I said the “Facebook advertising platform is the most advanced marketing platform developed in the history of mankind” well, as you can imagine, that also means it’s one of the most complex ad platforms on Earth.

Don’t believe me? Just click around inside the Facebook Ads Manager, Business Manager and/or Power Editor and you’ll find out really quick that it takes some SERIOUS training to figure out how to even place your first campaign…much less run a campaign that actually makes you money. And to make matters worse, Facebook is constantly changing the platform!

That’s why our team spends countless hours training with the best (and not to mention very expensive) Facebook advertising trainers in the world. We are committed to being at the TOP of our game when it comes to helping our clients get new leads and customers through Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising: Don’t Try This At Home

If you’re serious about making Facebook ads work for your business, and you don’t have weeks to spend on trial and error, as well as a LOT of money to burn to make it work (who does?) – give us a call at (301)-363-0934 or fill out the contact form here.

We’d love to take a look at your business and let you know if we think we can work with you to make Facebook work. We look forward to hearing from you.