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Digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger brings his acclaimed Take Over series to ancient streets with a monumental public art installation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The new piece, titled Take Over Jeddah, transcends the boundaries between the physical and digital, reflecting the artist’s signature style. This impressive addition to the Matters through Matter exhibition at Balad Al-Fann in Jeddah marks the series’ second physical expression after its debut during Miami Art Week 2023.

andrés reisinger jeddah
Take Over Jeddah will be on view to the public until March 2024
image © Mohammed Ali, banner image courtesy Andrés Reisinger



andrés reisinger brings the ‘past forward’


Balad Al-Fann, a vibrant cultural initiative aiming to revive Jeddah’s UNESCO-listed Old Town, provides the perfect backdrop for Andrés Reisinger’s Take Over Jeddah. The designer‘s physical work integrates with the exhibition’s theme, Past Forward, exploring the interplay between heritage and contemporary expression. Located in the heart of the historical district, the installation stands as a dialogue between past and present, prompting viewers to re-examine tradition through a modern lens.

While appearing to shroud an ancient structure, Take Over Jeddah cleverly engages with its surroundings without physically touching the building. This deliberate design choice sparks discussions about the meaning and value of architectural objects, particularly those facing neglect and representing the city’s cultural and societal history. It challenges viewers to consider the significance of heritage beyond its material presence.

andrés reisinger jeddah
artist Andrés Reisinger brings his viral Take Over series to Jeddah’s Old Town | image © Mohammed Ali



billowing pink shrouds jeddah’s old town


Andrés Reisinger’s Take Over Jeddah installation rises an impressive seven meters tall, creating a billowing contrast amidst the ancient streets of the Old Town. This intentional dialogue embodies the essence of Jeddah, a historical melting pot where traditional coral-block architecture and bustling souks stand alongside contemporary fixtures. By contrasting past and present, Take Over Jeddah becomes a beacon of contemporary artistic dialogue within the echoes of centuries-old history. The work marks an important moment in the evolution of Reisinger’s series, as he continues to transition between digital and physical art. Its placement in Balad Al-Fann further emphasizes the power of art to revitalize cultural spaces and foster meaningful discourse. As the installation stands open to the public until March 2024, it invites all to experience this intersection of digital innovation and ancient heritage in the heart of Jeddah.

andrés reisinger jeddahthe 17-meter work stands tall and pink amongst the stone streets | image © Karina Perez Spritze, Rhose Studio



It is a tribute to the new energy coursing through the universe, to the resilience and adaptability of cultures,’ Andrés Reisinger comments.In Jeddah’s Old Town, where history has been preserved for centuries, my work stands as a symbol of the new narratives that art can formulate, shaping the future while honoring the past.’

andrés reisinger's billowing public art takes over the ancient streets of jeddah
the immense, billowing fabric interacts with stone without touching it | image © Karina Perez Spritze, Rhose Studio 


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project info:


project title: Take Over Jeddah

designer: Andrés Reisinger | @reisingerandres

location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

organizer: Balad Al-Fann | @baladalfann

photography: © Mohammed Ali, Karina Perez Spritze